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Where are Maine plumbing contractors offering 24 hour plumbing repairs? Right here that's where! Actnow Rapid Rooter your fast, economical plumbing service!

Plumbing in Maine is the website for Actnow Rapid Rooter. This is your one stop for a 24 hour plumber in Maine. From a blocked toilet to a leaking faucet call 207-713-6363 for our highly trained local plumbers to respond with same day service in most cases.


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What to expect when you call: over the phone, we’ll let you know how to address your emergency until we get there: how to shut down a gushing water pipe or water heater, how to shut off a water main so damage will be minimal.

And, before we start your job, we’ll supply you with a no surprises, fixed price quote, so you won’t be pulling your hair out wondering about the cost.

With 30 years’ experience, our technology and training is so rock-solid that other plumbers seek our advice!

  • Is your plumbing aging - or aged? Then it’s just a matter of time before you’ll be dealing with burst pipes, blocked drains, leaking faucets or toilets.
  • Don’t wait for an emergency. Be proactive. It’ll cost you less. Check your owner’s manual for the expected life span of your water heater. Is it nearing its expiration date? It can become dangerous or flood the area if it isn’t replaced on schedule.
  • How much precious water are you losing from loose hose fittings, worn gaskets or other leaks?

Think ahead. Avoid any future headaches before they become migraines!

Why use several different companies to resolve your plumbing in Maine problems? Actnow Rapid Rooter will repair your clogged drain even if the cause of your clog is a broken sewer line, failed sewer pump, or even a failed leach field. We have you covered no matter what, so sleep tight Maine. We are your plumbing security blanket. I know that most homeowners hope we never meet, but s**t does happen and when it gets deep, we have your back, call us 24 hours day or night.

Plumbing in Maine means we cover most of Maine, be sure to click on this link above to see if your town is included in our service area.

Call us now. We'll solve your plumbing problems in no time: 207-713-6363

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  • Servicing 24hrs 7days 365
  • Free prescheduled in home estimates
  • On time, every time
  • Fast reliable service
  • 30 years plumbing experience
  • Family owned and run
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • High-tech equipment & cameras
  • Highly trained Plumbers
  • Emergency septic pumping
  • Supports green products
  • Over 1,500 active satisfied customers!

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Dear Ricky,

I am so pleased that God lead me to Actnow and you. What a wonderful design and system. Your dedication and loyalty to your customers is also wonderful!!! I hope we stay in touch, network, and spread the news on Actnow.

Sincerely, Ellen Frost

Thank you so much for your dependable good work!

Diane Winters